Poetry, by Sammi

I am, in Dr. Seuss-style!

I am given a task, from People-to-People,

To write about me and this trip, sounds so simple!


It turns out that this project is really quite hard,

So I pick up my pencil and run for the yard.


After some thinking, a lot actually,

My best idea remained poetry.


I’ll think, be creative, and then eat some chocolate,

And I’ll get ideas for my rhyming couplet.


Different nations I’ll use for my poetry styles,

As my pencil writes poems it’s traveling miles.


After big preparations I’m ready I know,

As my mind travels, oh the places I’ll go.


First a trip to France, home of escargot,

Of which I’m terrified, I’ll have you know.


Next to Japan, where they make anime,

And my Pokémon, which I like to play.


Then to Ireland, land of standing stones,

Lastly to England, with lots of yummy scones.


I’m packed and I’m ready, no really this time,

So thank you, and I hope that you liked this rhyme.


Je suis, as a French Triolet

I am a kid adventurous at heart

Counting days until the trip

Awaiting to learn from the start


I am a kid adventurous at heart

Let’s not forget the Ferris Wheel part

Feel like doing a flip


I am a kid adventurous at heart

Counting days until the trip

Watashi wa, as a Japanese Haiku

A nature lover

Helping animals and plants

Living among ferns



Ta’ me’, as an Irish Limerick

My art comes alive on the page,

When my mind gets out of its cage,

Free thought is my guide,

Leave nothing inside,

To imagine’s my only gauge.


I am, as an English Couplet

Books are my best friend,

I am sad when they come to an end.

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